Smart ArM brings together researchers and engineers from the Institute of Intelligent Systems and Robotics (ISIR) at the University of Sorbonne in Paris and the Institute of Movement Sciences (ISM) at the University of Aix-​Marseille, and clinicians from the Institute of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine in Nancy. 


Christophe Huchet

Christophe is the official pilot of the Smart ArM team for the Cybathlon 2020. He was born with an agenesis of the right arm including the elbow. While studying business, he began a career as a swimmer. Many times French Champion of 100-meter breaststroke races, in the handisport section, it is however in the valid section that he is the happiest to make finals and podiums. He also obtained to have the FFN rules modified, which regularly disqualified him for not touching the wall with both hands! Over the last 20 years, Christophe has created several restaurants in Paris, that he recently sold in order to resume his studies and become a certified coach. His goal is to guide the managers of small and medium-sized companies, as well as he had been guided as a company manager himself. His participation to the Cybathlon 2020 is for him a new adventure that promises him a rich and intense year.

Technical team

Nathanaël Jarrassé

Nathanaël is a research scientist at ISIR. His research projects aim at understanding and improving the physical Human-Robot in-teraction for neuromotor reha-bilitation and assistance appli-cations. He is the team manager of the SAM project.

Mathilde Legrand

Mathilde is a PhD student at ISIR. Her research focuses on robotics for rehabilitation and human-robot interaction. During her PhD, she developed the mouvement-based control mode of the SAM prosthesis.

Charlotte Marchand

Charlotte is a mechatronics en-gineer at ISIR, working on the mechatronics development of prosthetic prototypes. She deve-loped the mechatronics design and the control architecture of the SAM prosthesis.

Florian Richer

Florian is a mechatronics engi-neer at ISIR, where he helps researchers and students deve-lop prototypes for their research. He developed the embedded software for the SAM prosthesis.

Alexandre Peudpiece

Alexandre is a mechanical en-gineer at ISIR. He is responsible for the mechanical design of the prosthetic prototypes, and espe-cially for the exoskeletal elbow joint of the SAM prosthesis.

Laurent Fabre

Laurent is a mechanical techni-cian at ISIR. He manufactured the mechanical parts of the SAM prosthesis, and our Cybathlon replicated parcours.

Alexis Devillard

Alexis is a mechatronics engineer at ISIR, where he helps resear-chers and students develop pro-totypes for their research. He developed the control panel of the SAM prosthesis.

Guillaume Morel

Guillaume is a professor at Sorbonne University and the head of the ISIR laboratory. He is involved in the development of innovative sensorimotor control strategies.

Fabien Vérité

Fabien is a research scientist at ISIR. His research adresses sensory substitution and inte-gration, and specifically the pos-sibility of tactile sensory enhan-cement. In the SAM team, he developed a sensory feedback for the Haptic Box task.

Delphine Muller

Delphine works as an engineer at ISIR, setting up haptic devices for sensory illusion experiments. In the SAM team, she developed a sensory feedback for the Haptic Box task.

Étienne Moenne-Locoz

Etienne is an intern in robo-tics engineering at ISIR. He is interested by connected devices and human-computer interfaces. In the SAM team, he developed a sensory feedback for the Haptic Box task.

Jozina De Graaf

Jozina is a research scientist at ISM. Her research focuses on integrative neuroscience, and especially on the neuro-physiological mechanisms that underlie the adjustments and adaptations to different types of constraints.

Clémence Drouot

Clémence is a PhD student at ISIR. She develops a solution to prevent people with myopathy from falling. She is responsible for the communication of the SAM team.

Jesús Mago

Jesús is a PhD student at ISIR, currently working on the de-velopment of a robotic assistant for minimally invasive surgery. In the SAM team, he helps Christophe finding the best strategies for the tasks.

Medical team

Marie Beal


Marie is an ortho-prosthetist at the IRR Nancy. She created a socket specifically for Christophe so that he can wear the SAM prosthesis.

Noël Martinet

Noël Martinet is Medical Doctor, specialist in Physical Rehabili-tation and Medicine, working at IRR.

Jean Paysant

Jean is Medical Doctor, professor in Physical Rehabilitation and Medicine, and medical manager of IRR.

Amélie Touillet


Amélie is Medical Doctor, pro-fessor in Physical Rehabilitation and Medicine, at IRR, where she follows up particularly patients with upper limb pathologies.