On the robotics side, the Smart ArM team brings together researchers and engineers from the Institut of Intelligent Systems and Robotics (ISIR) at Sorbone University in Paris and the Movement Sciences Institute (ISM) at the University of Aix-Marseille.

Coordination team

← Nathanaël Jarrassé

Researcher in robotics

Team manager and Sorbonne University CYBATHLON hub manager

Charlotte Marchand →

Mechatronics engineer

Technical manager, electronic design and myoelectric control

Jesús Mago →

PhD student in robotics

Pilot coach

Software team

← Mathilde Legrand

PhD student in robotics

Movement-based control mode

← Florian Richer

Robotics engineer

Embedded software

Jozina de Graaf →

Lecturer in neurosciences

Electromyographic analyses

Hardware team

← Alexandre Peudpièce

Mechanical engineer

Design of the exoskeletal elbow joint

Laurent Fabre →

Technician in mechanics

Mechanical parts manufacturing

Alexis Devillard →

Robotics engineer

Design of the control panel wristband

Haptic team

Etienne Moenne-Locoz

Engineering student in robotics

Haptic feedback design

← Fabien Vérité

Lecturer in robotics

Haptic feedback design

Gaël Le Buan Mania

Engineering student in robotics

Haptic feedback design

Communication team

← Clémence Drouot

PhD student in robotics

Social media

Philippe Gauthier →

Robotics engineer


Guillaume Morel →

Professor in robotics

Institutional communication and management


The team is accompanied by ortho-prosthetists and specialized clinicians from the Regional Institute of Rehabilitation (IRR) of UGECAM Nord-Est, in Nancy.

Medical team

← Marie Béal


Design of a specific socket for the pilot

Amélie Touillet, Noël Martinet, Jean Paysant

Specialized clinicians

Physical rehabilitation and medicine