“The CYBATHLON is a unique championship in which people with physical disabilities compete against each other to complete everyday tasks using state-​of-the-art technical assistance systems.”

The CYBATHLON is a counterpart to the Paralympic Games, which do not allow the use of “active” assistive technologies. This event put to the test the latest developments in robotic leg and arm prosthetics, wearable exoskeletons, powered wheelchairs, functional electrical muscle stimulation and brain-computer interfaces, originating from university research laboratories and innovative companies across the world.

The next event, CYBATHLON 2020, will be held on 19-20 September 2020, in Zurich, Switzerland. It takes place every four years. Over 90 teams from 30 countries around the world will be competing. Internal media coverage is waited.

Teams compete on courses designed to test how well suited a given technology is to helping its user with everyday tasks. There are six different disciplines :

  • Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) Race
  • Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) Bike Race
  • Powered Arm Prosthesis Race
  • Powered Leg Prosthesis Race
  • Powered Exoskeleton Race
  • Powered Wheelchair Prosthesis Race

Our team Smart ArM is the only french team participating to the Powered Arm Prosthesis Race. In this race, pilots using an arm prosthesis must solve a variety of tasks such as cutting bread for breakfast, hanging up the washing or driving a nail into the wood using a hammer. It tests a lot of abilities like fine motor skills, strength, multiple types of grips and the coordination of both hands. Moreover, a completely new task called the “Haptic Box” demands the identification of objects without any visual feedback. This means the pilots have to identify the objects of different shapes and materials only through contact with their prosthesis.